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October 4, 2002

Robert M. Dixon, PhD

Biogeography pertains to the worldwide location of communities of plants and animals, including humans and their crop, pasture and forest lands. Human activities have severely degraded or desertified the earth's biogeography, thereby decreasing the biomass productivity of both natural and agricultural lands. In general, human activities have resulted in the drying of the terrain and the heating of the atmosphere due to reduced rainwater infiltration, increased water runoff and improved surface drainage as soil erosion accelerates. Land imprinting is designed to reverse this trend of land desertification by greatly increasing infiltration to re-hydrate the terrain. Re-hydration is the necessary precursor to restoring plant and animal communities and the biomass productivity of the land. Seeding imprinters not only hold rainwater where it falls but also plant a mixture of seeds to accelerate restoration of plant and animal communities.

Land imprinters have been under development in Tucson, Arizona since 1976. After a quarter century of research and development, imprinting specifications are now available for the restoration of the earth's biogeography.

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