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R.M. Dixon  
January 20, 2009

Consistent with the pronunciation of the manufacturer's name, you will see more or you will see less of each item listed, both for the good of the living earth, by using the Seymour Hoe Imprinter. The word "see" is just a short form of the word "observe."
A List of See Mores:
1. See much more earth greening
2. See much more microroughness of the soil surface
3. See much more macroporosity of the soil surface
4. See much more water infiltration
5. See much more available soil moisture
6. See more big healthy plants
7. See much more soil microbes
8. See more soil invertebrates and burrowing activity
9. See much more biomass production
10. See much more evaporative cooling
11. See more global cooling
12. See more plants per unit area
13. See much more soil organic matter
14. See much more topsoil
15. See more soil carbon storage
16. See more good jobs that save the earth
17. See more labor intensity
18. See much more soil hydration
19. See more food, fiber, fuel and wealth
20.See more plant nutrients
21. See more corn leaves of greater width than otherwise
Now a list of See Lesses:
1. See much less surface smoothing
2. See much less surface crusting
3. See less surface water pollution
4. See much less water runoff and erosion
5. See less siltation or sedimentation
6. See much less flash flooding
7. See much less land desertification
8. See less atmospheric CO2
9. See less global warming
10. See much less soil dehydration
11. See less land denudation
12. See less weeds and diseases
13. See much less moisture stressed plants
14. See less world hunger and poverty
15. See less capital intensity
16. See less unemployment
17. See less land drying and heating
18. See less wind erosion
The preceding lists of "See More" and See Less" are just a few of the observed advantages of using the Seymour Hoe Imprinter. An essay on how to use this type of hand imprinter may be found on the website: The Seymour Eye-type Hoe is available at Seymour Mfg., Seymour, IN and in some hardware stores.
The Seymour hand imprinter will be useful for backyard gardeners, landscapers, and developing countries wherever labor is more plentiful than capital. President Barack Obama can even use a Seymour Hoe on the Victory Garden he's planning at the White House. Another good use of this heavy duty hoe would be for backyard gardening on the properties that surround and drain into Lake Tahoe causing the lake water which once was crystal clear to become murky. A combination of winter cover cropping and summer fruit and vegetable gardening can hold much of the runoff water currently polluting Tahoe Lake on the surrounding private properties to grow beneficial plants. Again thanks to the Seymour Hoe and Seeing More water infiltration and Seeing Less water pollution, Lake Tahoe could become crystal clear again. Fixing Lake Tahoe with a Hand Hoe sounds really good to me.
Small area imprinted with one of the two Seymour Hoes shown in the foreground. Imprinting pattern is designed to capture and infiltrate runoff water flowing

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