Dr. Robert Dixon in the UAE picture

Dr. Dixon in the UAE solving agricultural problems.

Robert M. Dixon

The Imprinting Foundation is currently transferring its imprinting technology to the UAE in a massive project covering several thousand acres of degraded desert land. An imprinting air seeder developed in Vienna, Austria will be at the heart of the project to begin just a few days after this essay is dated. A mix of the following species are to be air seeded.

Annual Ryegrass
Desert saltbush

Annual ryegrass is a cover crop which was included to stabilize the land imprints, whereas buffelgrass and desert saltbush were included to provide forage for camel, sheep and goats. The climate is like the Mojave Desert with only 3 inches of rain during the winter and hot days during the summer. The project will include irrigated seed production in the UAE to provide the greater seed volume and native species needed for such large projects.

After the UAE, the transferred imprinting technology will probably be extended to other countries of the Arabian Peninsula and then possibly to Africa and India, and even China.

Transfer of new technology is usually a very slow process. Imprinting was invented in 1976. Now, 34 years later, transfer of the technology on a large scale is just beginning. See pictures of project consultants and coworkers.

Robert M. Dixon, PhD, Earth Scientist, Inventor of Land Imprinting which was patented in 1980.

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  1. Bette says:

    Great article!

  2. Sam says:

    I am interested to know what has become of this exciting project? Also has this technology come to Australia yet?
    Keep up the good work

  3. admin says:

    Yes, Dr. Dixon has been in contact with China is working with a new country now — more to follow in the web site when things are firmed up.
    There was a couple who planned to start a large project in Australia, yet there were some communication problems and we have not heard any news. Supposedly they had connections with Richard Branson, although we later found out that the information may not have been accurate. There are many with good intentions and some can get carried away. Follow through appears to be the key.
    If you have any information about interest in imprinting in Australia, let us know. Bob and Ann are planning trips these days — seems to be renewed interest in sustainable agriculture. As we say, save our planet — save ourselves!
    Thank you for your interest.

  4. P. Fattahi says:

    I,m from IRAN and i study content of your web site(
    I am interested to know what has this technology come to IR.IRAN yet?
    Sincerely yours
    Parviz Fattahi (the environment friend)

  5. admin says:

    At the present time, Dr. Dixon is unable to travel, yet it is hoped that someone from your country will carry on with the imprinting work. Perhaps it will be you 🙂

  6. P. Fattahi says:


  7. Naoufel Ghellm says:

    Hello ,
    I hope that after Dr Dixon hs passed away somebody will carry on his great work .
    I am from Algeria and hope to introduce this technology to combat desertification , cn you by any chance send me the contact details of the manufacturer of the land imprinter in Austria , I am looking everywhere on where and how to purchase this machine with Dr Dixon’s specs but cant find much info online . can you help?

  8. admin says:

    I hope that you have received a reply to your request by now. Neither myself nor Ann Carr know of anyone manufacturing the machine at present. There are instructions as to how to do so; perhaps you can locate someone to build it for you, or at the very least, you could build a hand printer with the instructions yourself. Much success to you!

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